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Welcome to the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment’s website. Our Role is to lead in facilitating trade and promoting employment generation and regional initiatives within the context of a globalised trade regime.

On this website you will find information on the broader national effort to expand the export base, maintain an open and competitive business environment and create employment opportunities for the growing population. We hope you find these information’s useful, and we stand ready to provide any assistance required.



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The Gambia Food Safety and Quality Authority (GFSQA) is established by the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2011 under the Office of The Vice President. The Authority’s primary mission is the overall official control of the safety and quality of food including water, beverages and animal feed, along the food chain from production up to its supply to the final consumer.

The GFSQA is the sole National Competent Authority with powers of delegation mandated to officially control the safety and quality of food and animal feed whether locally produced, imported or destined for export. The work of the Authority is expected to contribute to consumer health and safety, the facilitation of trade and control of fraudulent and deceptive food marketing practices. The Director General is answerable and reports to the Board.

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