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Expatriate Quota System operational procedures


  1. The sales of Expatriate Quota Allocation forms at GMD 100.00 (One Hundred Dalasi Only) non refundable for the employment of Expatriate staff shall be done by Expatriate Quota Allocation Secretariat at N0. 12 Clarkson Street Banjul.


  1. The Expatriate Quota Secretariat shall receive and process all applications forms to ensure compliance with the set criteria


  1. The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) shall issue official receipts for the application forms and receive payments for the application forms


  1. The filled and completed applications forms shall be returned to the Secretariat for processing with all relevant information require therein.


  1. All required documents shall be photocopied and attached to the application forms.


  1. The completed applications forms shall be submitted to the Expatriate Quota Secretariat for initial processing.


  1. The processed application forms by the Secretariat shall collated and submit to the Coordinator for the Expatriate Quota System at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment through an official letter for review and onward submission to the Expatriate Quota Allocation Board (EAQB) for their final review and decision


  1. The Coordinator shall convey decisions of the (EAQB) to the Secretariat for onward transmission to the applicants


  1. Once approval is granted by the EQAB the Secretariat shall issue a demand note to the applicant for payment to be made at GRA.


  1. The applicant will now pay for the Pay Roll Tax at GRA 


  1. After payment has been made an Expatriate Quota certificate shall be issued by the Expatriate Quota Secretariat. Businesses are urged to display the certificate in a prominent place of the business for ease of reference for the monitoring and enforcement team.


  1. The Expatriate Quota Secretariat shall keep database of all data relating to the Expatriate Quota


  1. The Secretariat shall submit monthly reports to the EQAB through the Coordinator on those establishments that paid for the Expatriate Quota and Monitoring reports


  1. The Secretariat shall compile all Expatriate Quota fee payments received by GRA and reports submitted to the Coordinator


  1. The person filling the form should make sure all information given is correct and accurate.     
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