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National Investment Policy

The quality of investment policy directly influences the decisions of all investors, be they small or large, domestic or foreign. Transparency, protection from expropriation and non-discrimination are investment policy principles that underpin efforts to create a sound investment environment for all.


Transparent information on how government implements and change rules and regulations dealing with investment are critical determinants in any investment decision. Transparency and predictability are especially important for small and medium sized enterprises that tend to face particular challenges to entering the formal economy. It is also important for foreign investors who may have to function with very different regulatory systems, cultures and administrative frameworks from their own. A transparent and predictable regulatory framework dealing with investment helps businesses to assess potential investment opportunities on a more informed and timely basis, shortening the period before investment becomes productive.


It is in this context that a clear and coherent policy framework for investment becomes critical in investment policy formulation and thus requires a national investment policy that informs the legal framework for investment promotion and facilitation. The MTP therefore provides opportunity for the review and update of the National Investment Policy of 1999 to properly guide the proposed review of the current GIEPA Act 2015.

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