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National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Policy

MOTIE formulated the National MSME Policy and strategies in 2008 with the goal of promoting the establishment of an enabling environment for MSMEs to contribute towards poverty alleviation and the development of sustainable livelihoods that could bring about improvements in the quality of life of Gambians by the Vision Year 2020.


The objectives of the MSME Policy include the following:


  • To enhance the contributions of MSMEs in poverty alleviation interventions through employment creation, income generation and import-substitution programmes.
  • To create a conducive policy, legal and operating environment for the growth and development of the MSME sector.
  • To provide well-trained, skilled and highly motivated personnel for MSME product and service providers at macro, meso and micro levels of the economy.
  • To broaden the indigenous base of Gambian entrepreneurs engaged in MSMEs by promoting an enterprise culture, which encourages self-reliance and risk-taking.
  • To increase MSMEs’ access to finance from commercial banks, micro-finance institutions and other service providers that can add value to the quality of goods and services provided.
  • To build the capacities and core competencies of entrepreneurs with a view to improving their productivity and competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.
  • To help establish strong and viable MSMEs that can graduate into small, medium and large enterprises in the formal sector.


The focus of the MSME policy includes the following strategies: \


  • Decentralisation of business registration throughout the country.
  • Improve co-ordination amongst agencies that are involved in the business registration process or create a one-stop registration point.
  • Create linkages between MSMEs, large scale enterprises, including financial institutions and insurance companies by organising thematic fora to discuss a great number of potentials that exist in partnerships.
  • Strengthen institutional structures and transform them into specialised entrepreneurial capacity building agencies
  • Development of Clusters and networking mechanism
  • Development and management of MSME database
  • Encourage the commercial banks to make available lines of credit for wholesale lending at concessionary interest rates to the MSME service providers
  • Encourage the creation of venture capital funds that engage in the task of identifying and providing equity finance
  • Establishment of market information centres at strategic locations throughout the country to enhance easy access to timely and reliable market information
  • Specific training programmes for business extension field staffs on market survey techniques and methods through the adoption and application of participatory methodologies that are client- friendly
  • Encourage business training in schools and tertiary institutions in order to develop business skills amongst Gambians.
  • Conduct business development services (BDS) market assessment and training need studies.
  • Provide MSME operators with assistance to comply with international standards.


As a strategy to enhance industrial development,the mandate of GIEPA in the GIEPA Act of 2010 was extended to cover enterprise development to support implementation of the MSME Policy and Strategies.


Evidence shows that effective policy measures for MSMEs are not coordinated among relevant ministries, agencies and organizations which in the long-run are not even consistent. Therefore, GIEPA will be supported to ensure that business environment and monitoring mechanism are created to promote effective implementation of the MSME policies and strategies.


The MTP will complement these efforts and will pursue the effective implementation of government assistance MSME programmes such as industrial incubators, industrial parks and industrial apartment as well as activities to both streamline and improve the quality of database on MSMEs and clusters.

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