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National Trade Policy

The MOTIE, with the support from West African Monetary Institute, completed formulation of the National Trade Policy (NTP) in 2011 to provide direction for trade activities and facilitate the mainstreaming of trade in the productive sectors for better integration of the Gambia in the global market.  The aim is to pursue an export-driven economic growth strategy by targeting programmes to improve productivity in agriculture, fisheries and manufacturing through value addition for export and supported by the services sector. The opportunities provided by the Tourism sector through backward and forward linkages with the productive sectors will be exploited. The policy also seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the Gambia’s training and investment environments and ensure compliance to the WTO and regional integration commitments. The aim is for trade to make significant contribution to achieving the objectives of PAGE by ushering in sustained new economic growth trajectory for poverty reduction. The policy therefore highlighted the strategies to improve competitiveness, create an enabling environment for investment and businesses, improve domestic production for export from a diversified production base and improve market access.

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