Mayoress Lowe on Covid-19

Fellow citizens, an unexpected and unwanted guest, the DEADLY COVID-19 has finally hit the door of Her Worship, Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe so hard without any mercy. She has contracted the virus even after being vaccinated. Compatriots, we need to mask up right now, avoid social gatherings and keep washing our hands to protect ourselves and our families. Remember to take the INJECTION and practice social distancing. To our fellow Banjulians, by extension every citizen and non citizen, especially women and youths living in The Gambia. Please always stick to the guidance of our selfless health workers. We are speaking from experience, this coronavirus is attacking without any notice or symptoms other than a mile body pain. COVID-19 is deadly, we are losing people everyday. Let us protect ourselves. We also seek for your prayers. May Allah keep us safe!


Mayores Lowe: Irregular Migration 

Today, Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe together with her team and the people of Banjul had a marathon meeting with Her Excellency Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia- Dr. Isatou Touray with the Hon. Minister of Basic & Secondary Education, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Minister of Youths and Sports, DPS. Ministry of Interior, DPS. Office of the Vice President, DPS. Ministry of Agriculture on peace and peaceful coexistence and irregular migration funded by IOM_The Gambia. The discussion was centered on: Return and reintegration of The Gambian migrants and the need for peaceful coexistence. Opportunities in agriculture for curbing irregular migration and facilitating smooth integration of The Gambian returnees, Education and skills acquisition a means for fostering peace and peaceful coexistence, Peace building and peaceful coexistence: The role of The Gambian youths, The need for peace and peaceful coexistence: Government's policies and strategies in ushering in peaceful and promoting youth employment. We urge everyone to maintain peace at all times.